Windows Desktop App for GPT-4

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Limited rollout! Only 40 subscriber slots left.

Ctrl + Alt + C to Open Pop-Up Quickly

Don't want to switch your window just to use ChatGPT? Open a mini pop-up window of QuickGPT while you do whatever you're focused on. Supercharge your productivity everywhere: while drafting a document on Google Docs, coding on Visual Studio Code, anywhere you like.

  • Powered by GPT-4 with no message cap

  • Open Anywhere with Ctrl + Alt + C

  • Access Internet with Google Search

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  • Cheaper than ChatGPT Plus

  • Access GPT-4 Anytime. No messages cap.

  • Open Anywhere with Ctrl + Alt + C

  • Google Search Integration

Frequently Asked Question

I'm from Indonesia, can I pay with bank transfer?

Yes, besides international payment method using Buymeacoffee.com , we support Indonesian payment methods such as local bank transfer. Just click "Download" and follow the payment instruction.

Is it really unlimited?

Yes as long as we detect it's a fair usage that you only use it for yourself only for normal daily activity.If we detect any suspicious activity, we may ban your account.

Is it secure?

We open source our app on Github. You can see that we don't store any data. All of your chat and data is kept on your device.

Do you have any usage policy?

Basically as long as you use it for normal daily activity, abiding by OpenAI usage policy and nothing illegal, then you're safe.
Read full policy here

What do you mean by "Limited Rollout"?

We are currently only opening slots for 40 subscribers during our early phase of launch.



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